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Drive-By Posting

Posted Nov 19 2012 3:16pm
This is sort of a drive by post. Any little moment of time I have free at work today, I am looking at my in-service presentation for my dietetics class today, or math for my test tomorrow. Ugh. I will be unbelievably grateful for the end of the semester.

WI results: down 5 bad-ass lbs from weigh in last week. Yes, that's what cleaning up your diet will do. 9 lbs to go till I'm back at previously mentioned lowest weight.

Will it be hard over the holidays? Yes. Will I do my very best anyway? Yes.

And you know what, it's exhausting. Exhausting in the short term - totally worth it in the long term.

‘Tis the season for over indulging. It’s everywhere. Smashing you in the face with its sugar coated “ho-ho-ho”.  From now till New Year’s, “Just one bite” has the ability to turn into a downhill spiral that will last weeks, and frankly, could last weeks AFTER said New Years. Weeks upon weeks, pound upon pound.
I can’t afford that. Can you?
So, I will politely decline the offers of goodies that are already trickling into the office. Thank GOODNESS I have a great family who is striving to eat well, and Thanksgiving will NOT be a big deal. A little turkey, some sweet potatoes (that I will make and bring) and green beans (again, I will make and bring), and BAM. Thanksgiving is done. As long as I can get out of my in-laws before they serve dessert, I won’t even have to worry about “politely refusing” anything. After Thanksgiving is harder. The weeks moving into Christmas are not just that. They are also the weeks where a lot of money is spent on stuff and budgets are tight. They are also the weeks moving into finals for 2 difficult classes this semester. They are stressful weeks, to be sure. Stress is my #1 reason for binging. Continuously working on my Safety Net . Continuously hanging on. One day at a time… one moment at a time. Anyway, already spending too much time… gotta run, run, run… Keep moving forward, peeps…
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