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Drinking Protein Drinks After Exercise Boosts Muscle Performance

Posted Jun 01 2011 6:57am

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73180760_ea737f967c_mWhat exactly are you supposed to drink after you have done your exercise/workout? I dare say most people’s answer to this question is they reach for a thirst quenching glass of water.

However, as well as that is there anything else that we can supplement with our water. To help our muscles the simple answer is yes, as we are about to find out.

A report has been published, which suggests what we drink after we have exercised plays a important role in order to get maximum performance from our workout routines.

The research has found that drinking a protein drink afterwards can benefit you six weeks later. To say the least, that is a very impressive result, wouldn’t you say.

After each workout, they were each given a different drink. One was given a carbohydrate drink. And another was given a protein drink, in order to monitor muscle activity. They used a process called heavy water labelling after the six weeks were over.

The scientists took muscle samples from the participants and found that the muscle tissue had been created. They used quite sophisticated methods to measure this and found that it had changed their skeletal muscle structure.

Here is what one of the study leaders had to say about their findings:

“If you want to age gracefully, this study shows that proteins taken after exercise keep your muscles strong and fit,” Gerald Weissmann, M.D., Editor-in-Chief of the FASEB Journal. “You’ve got to feed your body with the proper nutrients after a work-out. Fortunately, protein shakes are cheap, readily available and some say taste good.”

So exactly how much do you need to take in order to achieve this effect? You might be surprised at the answer you only need 20 grams that is it. And as the researcher says, protein shakes are quite cheap. So there is no reason not to capitalise on this piece of very useful information.

What do you normally drink after your workout programme, an energy drink or some water? And after reading this will you be now trying protein shakes instead.  Any thoughts comments about this, please leave your opinions in the comment’s section.

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Post from: Weight Loss Blog (Lose That Tyre)

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