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Drink lemon juice if you want to lose weight fast

Posted Jan 11 2009 2:48pm

I know you have seen these diets out there.  Drink this and shed pounds in days.  Well, I saw this one today and just had to comment on it.


It is the lemon juice diet


That's right all you need to do is drink lemon juice.

The program is for you to drink 6-8 glasses of lemond juice a day and then eat a very small breakfast, a small lunch and a small dinner.  You repeat this every day. 


Sounds a lot like a cleanse diet to me.  Not a weight loss program.


Pretty much the lemon juice is acting like a digestive aid to clean out your insides. 


Will you lose weight?


Yes, you will lose weight, but not fat.  If you get diarrhea you will lose weight also.  This type of weight loss using juices that speed up the excretion process is just a nicer way to package it rather than telling you to get diarrhea for weight loss.


Now I am not saying you can't follow this type of program if you want to cleanse your system and clean out your insides. 


That is fine to follow this type of program.


Don't follow it though if your goal is to lose permanent bodyfat.  Your dreams of permanent weight loss will be crushed and your frustration levels will continue to rise. 


The only weight loss you will see is water weight and excrement weight. 


You will still have the same amount of fat and your clothes still won't fit.


But, the scale will say you lost 5 pounds.  Woo hoo!


Yet you still look the same.  Hmm???


If your goal is to lose weight make sure you find a program that teaches you not only how to lose weight, but how to keep it off once you have lost the weight.  You need to learn lifestyle changes to do this and those changes are not you drinking 8 glasses of lemon juice a day for the rest of your life.


I know you can do it!


Yours in health


Jayson Hunter RD, CSCS
America's Trusted Weight Loss Expert


PS:  If you want to see what a sound and realistic weight loss meal plan program looks like then go to Weight Loss Is Made Easy.



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