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Drama and more drama

Posted Jan 12 2006 12:00am

Sometimes I wonder why having children was so doggone important to me. I mean really, they are a lot of work and exhausting, even when they're old to take care of themselves. Wonder if my mom felt like this with all of us as we were growing up? The answer is most assuredly that she did but she was gracious enough to never ever complain about it. I just remember this very strong woman, always there with a shoulder to cry on, words of wisdom to soothe, loving arms to hug, and gentle hands to dry the tears. Gosh, I miss her!

Anyway ... didn't get to post yesterday. Actually, yesterday was kind of blown from the get-go. First Mandi didn't want to go to school. Back before the boyfriend moved in, if she wanted to take a day off I had no problem with it. She makes good grades and always makes up the work, so it wasn't an issue. But with the boyfriend living here, if she stays home so does he. In hindsight, I may as well have let them both stay home.

Just about the time I was getting ready to exercise with Richard, the phone rang. It was the boyfriend (T.0.). He wanted to know if he could come home. I asked why and he said he'd tell me when he got home. Okay. ::sigh:: Home he comes, walks thru the door, and bursts into tears saying he's messed everything up. Evidentally, he and Mandi had a fight. He wrote a letter to another girl kind of complaining about Mandi and she found out about it and broke up with him at school. GREAT! He packed up some things and said he would be at his grandmother's.

I debated and knew that Mandi was likely at school in tears, slamming things around and having a really bad day. So I call school, tell them I need Mandi at home for an emergency, and go pick her up. (She had ridden to school with TO) I pick her up and we go to breakfast because she doesn't want to talk in front of her dad. She doesn't know what she wants to do. We call TO and he joins us. They talk, I mediate and toss out a few "what do you think", "how would you feel", and "what do you want" type questions. Breakfast is over and I go home, leaving them to work things through.

It eventually ended up okay. The went to work and today she's wearing the sweetheart ring he got her for Christmas/birthday so I guess they're okay. But boy, can I just say I didn't need the drama. I kind of let it ruin my day. Who am I kidding? I didn't kind of let it ruin my day. I did let it keep me from exercising. I stuck to my food program and got all my water but I did not move the body yesterday.

Things were back to normal today ... with the kids and with my workout. Been a pretty good day, actually. I think tomorrow I'm going to post a bit about life in general and the last year tied in with my journey back to me. Just a teaser to get you to check back in tomorrow! :D

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