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Down and Dirty with Petty Cash - Viva la Taqeuria!

Posted Sep 19 2013 12:00pm

Talk about your Throwback Thursday -- it's a restaurant review, y'all! 

I used to do these all the time. I even had an off-blog column for it . And it's not like I haven't reviewed a restaurant or food recently, it's just that this is the first time in a while I did it without being sponsored or solicited to do so. I guess you can take that as a good sign -- it means I liked it enough to write about it! And with my new other blog in development, I decided I need to brush up on my foodie critic skills. 

The other night, I went with a couple friends to a new restaurant here in Los Angeles called Petty Cash Taqueria. I looked up "Taqueria" to be sure -- my Spanish is pretty terrible. Five years in school and the best I can do is finding a bathroom.

Taquería (sometimes misspelled as taquiria) is a Spanish word meaning taco shop or place that makes tacos.

Thank goodness since PCT makes tacos. If they made burgers we'd be off to a bad start. That said, the first thing we simply must discuss is the booze.

The beer jug is just how they put a pitcher of water on the table but to the left there, you've got my friend Laura's  mojito. On the right, you've got my "Buck Dynnasty" which is ginger beer with vodka and a splash of lime. In the middle is Chris ' (of " What I Run Into " fame) off-menu item (our waitress suggested it) -- the "Gold Rush" -- bourbon, grapefruit, lemon, honey. I really loved mine but I sipped them all and all were delicious. I even made friends at the bar with a couple enjoying other drinks that looked enticing. PCT has their cocktails down

It was fortuitous that we had such yummy drinks and a lovely server. The evening got off to a rocky start for me. You see, when I walked in, I told them I was part of a party of three and they asked me to wait for the whole party to arrive. I know this is often a restaurant's set-in-stone policy but in this instance, it seemed gratuitous. But I obliged and sat at the bar where I subsequently ccould not resist taking this photo:


The art is by an artist named RETNA  and it is AWESOME. (Thank you, Xenia , for pointing tha out.)

They did seat me shortly thereafter though (Admittedly, I'm sure watching me take the picture didn't set their minds at ease) and by halfway through our meal, the restaurant was packed. 

We enjoyed the complimentary "mug" of chips (seriously, it's essentially an oversized mug they ovefill with tortilla chips) and I especially loved the mild, green salsa. It had a sweet and sour taste to it that I couldn't seem to get enough of. It mixed really well with the guacamole we ordered as well.

The menu is actually made up of small items so you can share and order a few things. And I'm sure Laura was pleased to find a variety of vegan friendly options on the menu. As for us carnivores, there were tacos (pork and fish) and quesadilla (pork again) to be had. 

That quesadilla is a good meal on its own if you don't want to share. And I wouldn't blame you cause it's GOOD, yo. 

Now you know we had to have some dessert, too. There were only two dessert items and three starry eyed ladies at the table, so we just ordered 'em both. And I'm not sure I've ever actually had Flan before. If I have, it clearly wasn't memorable and this one I'll remember. It's served in a mason jar (that seems to be a trend now) with strawberries and it is sweet and creamy. The other dessert is called Bunuelos. Which I can hardly prnounce but I can surely eat. They are little cinammon sugar doughnut holes but with a more moist/puffy center. I can only describe it was heaven. In chocolate sauce. And we added the strawberries from the flan. 

There is plenty more on the menu I need to try. I will be going back.  


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