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Posted Aug 13 2009 7:27pm
Yesterday night I went biking with my roommate around Minneapolis. Unfortunately, I couldn't keep up with him, which only made me realize that I'm still fat and need to lose a lot more weight. It's like, you work this hard at getting in good shape, but the payoff just isn't there yet, and that's kind of a downer. Oh well, I should stop comparing myself with other people.

There was this one part on the bike path where I passed a runner, but then I had to like get off of my bike when we were going uphill cuz I was exhausted, and then the runner passed me again. Lol, funny, but sad.

You know there are a lot of douchebag bike riders out there? They cut you off, and have this stupid serious face on their face with their stupid ass sunglasses. It's like dude, stop being so dumb with your dumb face on.

So yeah, I've been sort of weighing myself obsesively because I am just so excited for the plateau breaking ceremony. I dunno if I'm gonna make it by saturday though, because the scale ain't going down fast enough. I'm VERY VERY close though, and can feel the burning sensation of FINALLY getting over the top of that steep steep hill.

I don't care if my body doesn't want to lose more weight. My metabolism has totally been screwing me over for the past 22 years of my life, and I'm not gonna let it screw me over anymore. I'm in charge now.
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