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Double Posting Today

Posted Jun 27 2009 12:00am
I guess you know its a bad day when you have to blog twice! Why can't people be honest, loyal and trustworthy? I can't find one friend that I am able to count on? One family member to rely on? Maybe I am the problem maybe I need to change but I feel I give everything to my friends they can call me no matter what time of night it is and I would be there for them. They could be stranded somewhere and I would find them. I give to my friends hoping that the day I need them they will come and help me but I guess its not always a two way street. I need to find some good people someone I can call my best friend as I make this long walk down a road of change, its harder than I thought, it hurts more than I ever thought possible, I wonder how much more I need to be broke down before I can be lifted up. I am about ready to just stop trying, I mean whats the point I just get hurt, i get let down and hung out to dry.

are real friend even out there anymore? anyone know or have suggestions? I feel so lost and I wish I could find out all the answers but I will continue to wait and wonder
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