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Don't Zone It

Posted by C.L. R.

This is interesting - I have a friend who has been having some stomach issues. (that's not the interesting part.) The interesting part is the fact that she went to a nutritionist to try and see if she could get back on track. The nutritionist put her on a special diet - and here comes the interesting - does not want her to mix carbs and protein. WHAT?! What is this about? Apparently, it takes the body about 4 hours to break down and process a carb but a whopping 8 hours to process a protein. And for whatever reason (and I'm still not clear what but would be so interested if someone knew and could comment back) pairing the two together is considered hard on the body. This is crazy talk to me, after years of hearing I should make every meal an even blend. So, for fun, I decided to go a week without pairing up anything - trying to eat my proteins and carbs separate. I'll let you know how it goes.
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Or Dr. Barry Sears vs. Dr. Harvey Diamond. I've chosen a balanced lo-fat, lo-carb, with protein diet over food combining (not mixing protein with carbs, fruit w/vegs etc.) Sears study appears to be far more empirically based. Diamond's results are more anecdotal. This seems to mean that the Zone diet is the more scientifically based one. For a critique of Food Balancing see: I've heard a few doubts expressed about Zone, but I've been hard pressed to find any on Google. I've tried both food plans for a few years each. I'm still doing the Zone. I have loads energy on a regular basis and have reached my goal weight. No significant digestion problems either. "If it ain't broke..." Please let me know your thoughts anyone. Thanks Steve
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