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Don’t You Eat That Food From the Trash!

Posted Jul 01 2009 6:38pm

trashcan A few years ago when I was teaching my weight loss class in Florida we had a conversation about eating food from the trash. Do you or don’t you? Have you or haven’t you? I found this whole conversation fascinating because eating from the trash can was where I drew the line. If an M&M fell on the floor I may eat that, but not if food was in the trash can! Apparently though, in that particular group of ladies, eating from the trash happened occasionally, but there were rules.

  1.   1.  The food had to be really good
  2.   2.  The food had to be on top of the can
  3.    3. The food had to be freshly disposed of

I laughed along with them, but I was thinking – “What!! You have got to be kidding me! Food from the trash?” The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I had been guilty of doing the same thing. Not by eating food from the trash can, but by eating trashy food. What nutritional value did I get from inhaling large amounts of chocolate before 10:00 a.m. Wasn’t the over processed, fried food bad for my heart and health? Candy bars in twos and double dinners were trashy for my body. The food didn’t come from the trash, but it may as well have for all the good it did for my health and my weight.

How are you doing these days with your food choices? Is the food you are choosing to eat healthy and nutritious for your body, or are you filling yourself up with trash? The more weight I lost the more I developed the desire to eat foods that were healthy and satisfying. I still loved food, but my love for certain foods shifted. There are a lot of sites with lists of healthy foods, but here is a nice list I found at the World’s Healthiest Foods website. In reviewing their list I realized that when I changed my eating habits I added in a lot of foods from this list, just by gaining an awareness of the nutritional value of the foods I was eating, and the foods I was serving my family.

Weight loss can be achieved by following a low calorie, nutritionally poor diet, but losing pounds that way isn’t the way to long term improvement in your health and well-being. Years ago, when I was in high school some of my family and I tried one of those diets where you have shakes twice a day and then a “healthy dinner.” We all lost some weight doing that, but the minute we started eating food again, we promptly regained our weight. Don’t settle for losing pounds and your health at the same time. While losing weight try and focus not just on the amount of food you are eating but on the health of the food you are eating. You will be glad you did! Diane

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