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Don't Procrastinate On Weight Loss, Take Small Steps Now

Posted Dec 20 2009 1:45am
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This is a guest post by Mary from A Merry Life.

I love John's blog because he has so much great information from his old posts and from his latest guest posts. But one thing that is missing? Action.

John even mentioned it himself when he wrote about his new blog design. He has been putting off the weight loss in favor of other things. I don't mean to be calling him out, especially in a guest post on his blog (how rude!), but I used to be just like this and hate seeing it happen to other people.

It is very easy to procrastinate and put other things in front of your weight loss. I know how easy it is because we all have things in our life that are important and need attention besides weight loss. In fact, losing weight usually ends up being one of those annoying things that takes more effort and time than we want to give it. We have to spend time preparing food, getting ready for the gym, working out, reading up on nutrition and other health related topics. Sometimes it just seems like so much work that it is best to save it for later when we have more time.

But that plan of attack rarely works. When we put off making a healthy lifestyle change we lose time that we can't get back. Our weight keeps creeping up and we
create a larger problem to fix when we finally "get around to it."

Instead, I say we take baby steps toward weight loss. If you don't do anything healthy at all, commit to making just one healthy choice a day. Just one! And then do it again the next day. And the next. And then, when you are used to making one healthy choice a day, add another. And so on.

You don't have to change your entire life now and completely abandon everything to start losing weight. You can take baby steps that will add up to great weight loss progress over time. I know it works because that's what I did. Step after step I learned how to eat healthy foods, exercise, and treat my body well. It didn't happen overnight. It happened because instead of procrastinating I made a couple healthy changes over and over again.

So if you are still out there putting off being healthy, stop now and do one healthy thing. Drink a glass of water. Eat a salad. Go walk for 10 minutes. Just choose one thing today and take that first baby step. Chances are you will build a better foundation for living a healthy life and weight loss than if you keep putting everything off until later.

Mary writes her own healthy living and weight loss blog where she has proven small bits of forward progress add up to weight loss, since she has managed to lose 30 pounds.

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Don't Procrastinate On Weight Loss, Take Small Steps Now

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