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Don't Fast But Lose Weight By Eating Right

Posted by Marcus P.

Fasting is not going to help you lose weight. It will only make you feel week. The secret to loosing weight is to eat right and to do light exercises. Light exercises allow you to exercise longer so you sweat more and by sweating more you lose weight.

Main things I learn from what I have read is

1.) Eat as slowly as you possibly can. Taste and enjoy your food
2.) Drink plenty of water throughout the day. No soda
3.) Snack light with stuff like puffed rice
4.) Avoid fried items and switch to baked
5.) Eat at the right time.. preferably two meals a day, breakfast and lunch
6.) Don't hit the bed immediately after a heavy meal
7.) Eat plenty of green stuff (leafy veggies) and try to reduce the white stuff (white flour, sugar and salt)
8.) Don't fast but keep one day of the week for detox. Detox eating only fruits and raw veggies for that day

Couple this with light exercises like jogging and cycling. You are sure to see changes as I have
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i totally believe on this that you don't need to starve yourself, you may eat three times a day but be sure that you have it in moderation.

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