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Don’t Shed Pounds the Stupid Way

Posted Mar 10 2011 6:13am

One of the best diet tips for women comes from the University of Connecticut women’s basketball team, which is currently #1 in the country. Here’s a twist: They aren’t interested in winning per se. Their philosophy is, what really matters is how they win.

If they get a win in a game, but they don’t pass the ball to teammates, if they play selfishly, each one just trying to score for herself, and if they don’t make a lot of assists to other players, then the win isn’t very valuable.

Why?—Because if they win that way, they won’t be champions in the long run. That‘s just not how it works. A quality win would be one where they play very much as a team, connecting with one another, anticipating one another’s moves, helping each other get better and better. That’s how to build a championship team. That’s how to be on top, and stay there.

The same goes for successful weight loss. What matters most is not how many pounds you lose, but rather how you lose them.

The New York Times today reported on a trendy diet craze that seems to be having a resurgence of popularity. It involves taking hCG, a pregnancy hormone , combined with a 500 calorie a day diet. You get daily injections of the hormone from a doctor, and you’re supposed to feel not hungry. You’re also supposed to lose excess weight in all the right places.  There is no clear evidence that the hormone actually does what it’s supposed to do. But of course, if you can make yourself starve by eating only 500 calories a day, you will probably lose weight.

In the article, one woman said she can’t stop emotional eating, and wanted to lose a lot of weight. So, let’s think about this. If she can’t stop emotional overeating, how will hormone shots and a starvation diet help with that? When she’s done with this regimen, won’t she still need to know how to curb emotional eating? After all, she didn’t address her emotional eating disorder at all—she just acknowledged it. So it is very likely that she would continue to eat like this after going through this process. And then what? She’d most likely gain weight back.

If you want to be a weight-loss champion—one who can lose weight and keep it off—then how you go about reducing your weight means everything.

Just like with the U-Conn team, you’ve got to do it the right way. You’ve got to be thoughtful about it, you’ve got to understand what works in the long run. The weight-loss game is not a slam-dunk without all the necessary work that goes along with it.


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