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Don’t Mess With…Everything I’ve Ever Wanted

Posted Aug 02 2010 6:24am

Over the past year, I’ve worked really hard at so many things: social media, freelance writing, sales and marketing, working as a virtual assistant…the list goes on. It’s really hard to answer when people ask, “What do you do?” What don’t I do? I’m a linchpin ; tell me what you want and I can probably do it!

And doing my things passionately and wholeheartedly for a year has really paid off. Two weeks ago, I accepted what is basically my dream job. I’ll be doing the marketing and social media for a photographer. For now, I’m keeping more identifying details off my blog, both because her brand deserves to be separate from my brand, and also because I don’t want to get stalked at work. But suffice to say, her work is gorgeous and she’s just great. My first interview lasted about 90 minutes and it was just a total gush-fest. I think job interviewing is a lot like dating, and like an awesome first date, this was one of those DIK moments where I left planning the rest of my life and wondering how soon I could see her again.

What’s also so exciting is that I’m working in an office again! While I love working for myself, I’ve also missed working as part of a team, with other people who share a similar vision. So now I get to work in a ridiculously gorgeous and happy setting with all types of friendly and interesting people and represent a brand other than my own — which I seriously love. I started last week and I must say, I’m just so genuinely excited to go to work each day! From setting up her blog to working with her clients, I’m basically doing a little bit of everything. (Because again, what don’t I do?)

And I’m sure by now you’ve figured out that the position is in Houston.

So now so am I!

I’m taking a pretty deep breath this morning, you guys. This has truly been the craziest two weeks of my life…ever. When I started looking for a job here (and I don’t think I even need to explain my thought process on deciding to do that — it was the biggest and yet easiest life decision I’ve ever made), I felt like the most hireable person…and the least. How could I express myself in a cover letter and a resume? How could I get total strangers to understand that I’m the girl they’ve always wanted? And beyond that, how could I not crack under the pressure of a time constraint and limited funds that made it feel like it was never going to work out? I don’t know how I stayed so positive that I could do it…I just went for it, because it was all I could think to do in this situation. I knew it was what needed to happen and I knew it could and would (which doesn’t mean I didn’t have a few days when I was just absolutely scared shitless — I did).

One thing that really got me through was something Amy writes about in Meeting Your Half-Orange: “It’s not your job to figure out the how. It’s just your job to want it.” I think this is true no matter what it is you want. If you want it badly enough, don’t worry about how it can happen. Just want it — the universe takes care of the how. If I had worried about how it would all happen and gotten caught up on apartments and moving vans and the job market and such, I would have been too overwhelmed to get through my interviews. So all I put all that energy into wanting it harder than anything I’ve wanted in a long time.

I’m counting this as a victory for Team Vision Boards and Team Using Social Media to Get a Job in Social Media and Team Meeting Your Half-Orange and Team My Horoscope Said So . B-E aggressive!

I wish I could say the craziness all ended when I got the job, but it only picked up! At that point, I had an even shorter amount of time to get an apartment…and then work out the logistics of my little 1300 mile move. Again…the how. Wow. I’m still wondering how, actually.

Well, okay, here is how: I’m working today and tomorrow. Tomorrow evening, I’m off on my last datecation — Eric’s datecation in Michigan! (The timing of all this honestly couldn’t have been better.) We’re flying back to hang out with my family, pack up my stuff, and attend my a birthday-now-going-away party. And then on Saturday, we’re loading up Judy with as much of my stuff as she can carry and making the two-day road trip back down to Texas. On Sunday, I’m moving into a room in a too-gorgeous-for-words-or-the-price townhouse. (Seriously, Eric told me if I actually got such an incredible apartment after getting the most perfect job, it was time to go buy lottery tickets, because I was officially the Luckiest Girl Ever. I responded with several variations of “Psshhhhhhaaaa” and told him to stop being such a pessimist. The next morning, after things went through, I just sent him an e-mail saying it was time to go for the mega million jackpot.)

And I’m not trying to be all, “My life is so awesome;” I just want you to understand that…this is the “getting it” I always write about. This week, the past few weeks…this is getting it. I’m getting everything I asked for and I want you to see that you can too. But you can’t get anything without first getting it, if that makes sense. 

Don’t ever settle. Everything you’ve ever wanted is within reach. Everything. Seriously…everything. So get it.

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