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Doing the needful

Posted Oct 13 2009 10:06pm

I love the phrase “doing the needful” and use it often when referring to my health and well-being. The needful things these past couple of days include: tracking my food, stopping at GNC for a good multi-vitamin and something to help me with my almost constant low level anxiety, and shopping at Trader Joe’s for more healthful things. And I’m feeling good. Butch is also working to lose about 15 pounds so it’s nice that we can work together towards a common goal.

Two new Trader Joe’s faves: Caribbean Fruit Floes, a giant frozen fruit bar that is totally delicious, and Blueberry Greek Yogurt. The fruit floes have 80 calories but 0 fiber for 2 points. The yogurt is also 2 points, I mixed mine with a sliced fresh apricot, some blueberris and a few cherries for a 3 point breakfast.

The guy at GNC this morning was completely hilarious: I went in for an anxiety rememdy and after he looked up some on their computer, he recommended Women’s Menopausal Multi-Pack. HA. I knew not to be insulted, he was recommending it because it had a full multi vitamin complex plus some of the things that he found for anxiety. But I gave him a ahrd time about it anyway, leading him to flatter me non-stop for another 5 minutes about how I can’t be older than 22. Nice work, downtown GNC dude.

I also completed the WW challenge for this week: eat one new vegetable. We got Lemon Cucumbers in our CSA and they are awesome and delicious. And pretty. Yay me.

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