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Doing fat-loss for real!

Posted Oct 01 2013 1:41pm

For sustained weight-loss, or as I refer to as FATLOSS - because essentially that is the real goal, we have got to make healthy food choices and MOve.  Duh, right?  I mean, this equation has been drilled into your head.  You already know this!

But we don't actually make our choices based on what we know, we make choices when we learn how to implement what we know.

Our real choices are lived through our behavior.

So, let's consider our eating behaviors.   

Check out THE RiT, an 8 part daily ritual that proves to map out a sure way to implement a healthy eating plan!  YaY!!

(go to  and click on THE RiT) 


And here are 2 habits you can implement right now  - TODAY perhaps::

1.  Make it a habit to leave food on your plate when you're DONE.

I am certainly a reformed over-eater, and one of my biggest habits was clearing my plate of every crumb!  I was a finisher, for sure.

Now, I practice non-attachment to food.  I don't lecture myself and ask tons of questions ☞    ☼ am I full?,  ☼ will the cook be insulted?  ☼ there are people starving in...Mars.

No questions.  I just leave morsels behind and move on.  

☝  A great habit for someone who used to be attached to licking the plate.


2.   Make it a habit to eat any and all white starches (besides bread) in a small, quaint, stylish dish. 

Of course, you're covering your mouth because I am NOT advocating the NO CARBS thing.  Firstly, carbs are white starch, grains, fruits, and veggies-  so eat em.  Just reduce the white starchy ones GREATLY.  

(On the DL, I would totally eliminate white starches in certain medical cases like diabetes and even cancer.  There is so much to learn about how to eat ALL starches that is better learned over time with a health pro, not in this article, sweet-um.)

The small beautiful dish will help.  

I use small plates in my home - exclusively!!  

I recommend white starches are served in wine goblets or small tea cups - half filled.  Why?  

 Cuz I want to make them beautiful, guiltless, and small, of course.  

Remember, a neurotic eater, a guilt-ridden eater will implode and binge eventually.  

Manage your eating with healthy habits that exert gentle strokes of control.   


You can do it!

your trainer,

michelle bernard 

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