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Does Your Blood Type Matter Regarding Weight Loss

Posted Jun 18 2010 5:00am

4617217239_e5eb506f7a_mCheryl Cole who recently has let people know that her flattering figure is down to something called the blood type diets. And supposedly has had women clamoring to see nutritionists to find out which particular blood type they are.

So they can take advantage like she has and hopefully get the same results or so the theory goes. This particular method of dieting came to light by Peter D’Adamo. He wanted to find out if there was a relationship between how a person’s body digested food and their blood type.

This particular method of eating is about living longer, being healthier, and feeling more energised. These particular method looks at how food interacts with our genes, so you can build an overall picture between the person’s health and nutrition..

The person who was tested in the article had a blood type of A Rhesus negative, she was advised to eat the following types of food for her blood type. This being more towards being a vegetarian, if your blood type is B then you need to be eating the following in your diet, meat, dairy, grains and vegetables.

People with blood type AB need to eat the following, mostly vegetarian with the odd piece of meat, fish, and dairy produce. And if you’re blood type O then you need to eat mainly eat meat in your diet.

When the researcher’s blood test results came back, she was advised not to eat gluten. And just as a quick reminder here her particular blood type was, A Rhesus negative.  She was also told to cut out the following, beans, chickpeas, peanuts and pistachios. She was also told to avoid corn oil certain types of fish, which was haddock, halibut and avoid crustaceans.

After two weeks, she noticed the following, with taking some B vitamin supplements she says that her cravings had stopped and her moods felt a lot more stable and overall she had lost a kilo in weight. Yet another piece of interesting research wouldn’t you say, perhaps sometimes there is more to weight loss and being healthier than we sometimes realise.

What are your thoughts about this?  Any feedback is much appreciated leave a comment below.


Post from: Weight Loss Blog (Lose That Tyre)

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