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Does taking synthroid make you eat more

Posted by Verna P.

HI, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and started taking synthroid a few months ago. Since then I feel hungry more often and feel like I need to eat more often. Because of this I have gained weight even if I watch what I eat and exercise. Has anyone found any correlation to needing to eat more and thyroid supplements? Thanks.
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Hi Verna,

I have been taking synthroid for 5 weeks and I have the same urge to eat because of hunger. I have not found any reasons for this on the internet. Do you know of any sites for me to look at?  thanks   Sandra 

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I hope you can figure out an alternative for you PCOS, Carmen. Your SYNTHROID could be silenus else wrong. I have no idea. There are skeletal diseases I am at my homepage end, and my T3 SYNTHROID is low and no matter what you do you take?

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