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Does Stress Negatively Affect Your Weight Loss Efforts?

Posted by Debi P.

Have you heard that Georgetown University scientists have discovered a DIRECT biological connection between stress and obesity in mice (Nature Medicine; 2007; 13, 803-11). Although the researchers cautioned that the mechaisms for weight gain might not be the same in humans as they are in mice, they did indicate that more research is needed to determine the human link.. I don't know about you, but I'm an emotional eater who tends to overindulge when under stress and I can attest that this hypothesis is TRUE for me. What about you?

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Not only am I an emotional eater, but I am also sure that there must be some biological mechanisms that compensate for a high stress life with hormones that encourage weight gain/inhibit weight loss.

I definitely feel like there is some kind of connection. Im not so much an emotional eater but that I don't eat while im stress mode and then binge later from being extremely deprived.
Stress definitely affects my eating habits. I'm sure the study will show the same connection in humans as it does in mice.
I'm the opposite. I don't overeat - I undereat. My eating disorder loves stress.

Stress affects everyone differently. I don't believe that stress and eating habits are directly related. If you have a history of disordered eating (not necessarily an eating disorder), then your eating is more likely to be directly affected by stress, yes.

 In my case, I used to undereat when I was stressed out. (I have learned to maintain healthy eating, even under stress. I become more aware of my eating habits when I am stressed or anxious.) My mother, an overeater, will - obviously - overeat when she's stressed.

Some are not affected by stress, food-wise. People will smoke, drink, bite their nails.. everyone has different ways of coping.

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