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Does Squelching Your Feelings Prevent Successful Weight Loss

Posted Feb 14 2013 5:00am

At least once a day or even more frequently, you probably find yourself holding back your feelings? It’s only natural.

You can’t just laugh out loud at someone at work you find silly when that person is very serious about what they’re saying. You don’t let your feelings of sadness show when you’re at a happy social event. You dial down your anger when you’re in an argument with your husband or boyfriend in order to keep the peace.

Does it do any harm to inhibit your feelings? Does inhibiting your feelings contribute in any way to eating too much food or eating too many fattening foods? It could, especially if you do it more than normal.

What have you noticed when you shut off your emotions, when you dampen them down or suppress them rather than express them. Does this lead to overeating and stuffing or to wolfing down some calorie-rich food?

Research has shown that inhibiting your feelings by suppressing them, while effective at diminishing their expression, does not lessen your experience of them and actually increases your physiological responses to them. Does your use of food then become the means by which you try to quiet these unexpressed feelings you left inside of you? Research hasn’t answered this question yet. It’s up to you to come up with the answer.  


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