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does slim fast work ?

Posted by richnmelissa

Ive been using slim fast for a few days now and I noticed I get real hot after I have a shake , I think its the Niacin in it , my question is ... is it safe and is it worth the hot flashes brought on by the shakes ? Will I lose weight ?
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I've tried SlimFast SEVERAL times. In answer to your question, yes, SlimFast will work. Of course, because you're taking away meals, and it's pure liquid going through your body. However, in my experience (and in a LOT of people's experiences, like Oprah), when you stop SlimFast, and start eating regular food? You're going to put weight back on.

 My advice, be careful. Once you lose the weight you want to lose, sloooooooowly introduce back the food into your life and don't get discouraged when you start slowly gaining weight back. When that happens, watch your caloric intake, keep working out (or start if you aren't already.)

I hope that helped you.

When I was doing SlimFast, I noticed I'd be in TERRIBLE moods all the time because my body wasn't getting the food it needed and wanted.

NO - not it will not help you lose weight in the long run. You will most likely gain back the weight and you will damage your metabolism while you are at it.  This is only DAMAGING your metabolism and will leave your Weight Loss Resistant.  That means your metabolism will slowly slow down in the long run and not burn fat and calories efficiently.  Then when you go to add REAL food back in your metabolism will be halted.

 In my practice, unlike most weightloss programs, that focus on under-eating and over-exercising, I help you get to the root cause of your weightlos all the while nourishing your body with the ideal foods for your unique biochemistry to heal your metabolism to lose weight NATURALLY & EFFORTLESSLY.  Additionally, I do functional lab testing that shows you exactly what is in the way of your weightloss!

Steer clear of Slim-Fast and get on a smart track to losing the weight in a healthy, natural way - permanently!

Feel free to contact me for a free Strategy Session.


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