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Does Putting Your Feet in Cold Water Help With Weight Loss?

Posted Aug 19 2009 4:34pm

2572927737_3d31d200e0[1] Eating too much food can make us fat when this happens it gets stored as white fat. When you’re trying to lose weight, in the first place, this tends to be the type fat that can be hard to lose.

In our bodies, we have two types of fat brown and white. The last of the two is the hardest to shift. It ends up deposited in various parts of our bodies, in our abdomens arms and various other places. It does not really have a specific purpose it just sits there.

Whereas brown fat is more for the metabolism burning process, it is for generating heat once that happens. It uses white fat up and hence because of this you start to lose weight

Thin people can have more brown fat than other people can, and so are able to maintain a normal weight without too many problems. This possibly could explain why other people have problems shifting their excess weight compared to others.

Scientists have started to explore this phenomenon and seem to think that. If they can give, people more brown fat then it will help them to lose weight. A Scientist who studies how brown fat works in the body, Dr Aaron Cypress said that, if someone has an extra amount of brown fat and it’s stimulated.

That person would be able to lose 400 to 500 calories per day. The research the scientists did said as regards fat is concerned it could be linked to diseases such as diabetes etc.

When they conducted some experiments on mice, they found out something quite interesting. When the brown fat was stimulated in the mice, their weight didn’t increase and they were less likely to become type two diabetic, even though they were fed quite a high calorie diet.

There is no need to worry if you think that you may not have any brown fat, most of us do have some It’s in our necks, and women tend to generally have more than men do. It becomes active when we are cold and just about to start shivering.

So the theory goes as far as evolution is concerned, brown fat had a purpose for keeping newborn babies from excessively low temperatures, in order to aid their survival all those years ago.

To prove the theory about brown fat and cold temperatures some volunteers, were put in a cold room for a period of two hours just to see what effect it would have on the fat in their bodies. Afterwards they had a PET scan, which shows up any part of the body, which is storing glucose and not fat.

The people involved with this test put their feet in cold water, every so often, to see what would happen to the brown fat each time they did it. The brown fat showed up very prominently on the scans. The subjects were warmed up and scanned again and the brown fat did not show up thus proving the theory.

Some of the reasons why it’s not so effective as it used to be is we are predominantly in places that are warm a lot, not to say that it isn’t a bad thing but it is merely the case. As time has gone on evolution has probably done its thing, and made the brown fat less active over the years.

Most places that we go to these days like our homes, cars, or place of work can tend to be warm or overly warm.

Therefore, this could be one of the reasons sometimes we struggle to lose weight, one of the researchers said if we can spend more time outside especially in winter then this will activate our brown fat and as a result we will lose more weight.

I’m going to get a bucket, put my feet in it, and fill it with ice and be my own guinea pig.

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