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Does our body have a 'set point? beyond which it will not allow us to lose weight?

Posted by Swati S.

This is a theory called ‘set point’-which argues that there is a fixed point, or ‘set point’ beyond which we cannot lose weight. Even if we try, our body’s internal mechanism will kick in place to ensure that we go back to our ‘set point.’ This theory is not conclusively proven right, and there are many debates around it. My feeling is that it is not accurate all the time, because I do know some people who have managed to lose weight, and then maintain it. It is a comforting theory when we are unable to maintain weight loss (something I am facing just now,) but I feel that it has more to do with my lifestyle rather than a ‘set point’ weight. How do you guys feel?

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I have a very hard time past a certain point. That said, I think you can break through. I feel like my set point has varied at different points in my life. I think your body just gets used to the status quo. I don't think it's impossible to beat it, but it takes extra work.
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