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Does Monitoring Yourself Protect You Against Weight-Loss Failure

Posted Jan 28 2013 5:00am

If you monitor closely what you are doing that causes you weight-loss failure, does that help you stop doing it?

In other words, does increasing your awareness of what you’re doing that you shouldn’t be doing, like repeated snacking on fattening food, get you to stop doing it?

One of the results of increasing your awareness of a weight-loss defeating behavior might be that your awareness will lead you to think more negatively of the behavior, or more negatively of yourself for indulging in the behavior.

Does this kind of self-monitoring, increased awareness, and self-evaluation make enough of a difference and get you to stop a weight-loss defeating behavior like eating calorie-rich snacks when you are trying to lose unwanted weight? Or do you, once you became aware and made your self-evaluation, still need to take additional steps to stop the behavior?


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