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Does Genetics Influence Obesity?

Posted by Erin B.

The last several weeks have seen an explosion of articles in the news regarding the link of genetics and obesity. It is known that if your parents struggle with weight, the likelihood you will too is increased. However, does this mean those with obesity genes are doomed to an unhealthy life? The evidence uncovered in the study suggests that persons with the obesity gene may be 67% more likely to be obese and 40% more likely to incur type 2 diabetes. It’s important to note that the research conducted did not factor in exercise and diet habits. The participants of the study were not gauged on their healthy lifestyle, but on genetics alone. The positive benefits of regular cardio and strength-training workouts, along with a healthy diet still are considered the most combatants against obesity. To read further on this topic, please visit
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Thanks for this post! I had just been looking online to find out more about obesity since it's been in the news so much. I also found this link really helpful:

This site (Access DNA) gives info about different genetic tests, and the info they provide about obesity was interesting and easy to you're looking for how genetic testing might help you (which I was!) I think you'll find the info there useful. They also have a genetic counselor available to answer questions.

You can see a lot of articles on Diabetes and genetics here as well...

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