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Doctor's Visit

Posted Jul 14 2011 5:47am
Here it is 5:30am and I'm awake, not really something new when I'm in recovery mode.  I just seem to have screwed up sleep and do my best to fit in as much as I can.  I'm sleeping more since I've been on less pain meds but since the doctors visit I've been back to taking more meds due to more pain.

The doctors visit took a lot out of me more than I thought it would.  I think part of it was the 4 hour drive round trip up the road and having to sit in a certain position for so long too. But I made it through.  It was a tough doctors visit which I kind of expected.  I knew I had all these blisters all over my arms from all the fluid on me especially on the left side.  So they had to pull off all the old tape and put on new so I wouldn't have any open blisters plus they ended up pulling all 3 drains.  They said past so many days it becomes an infection worry over fluid worry so they just pulled them even though the 2 at the breast were still draining quite a bit. 

I must admit though in spite of having more swelling now I am glad to have the drains all gone.  I can take a shower now though I still haven't attempted it.  I just feel worried about all the tape all over me coming off so think I will wait a few more days to see if I'm in better shape by then.  I ended up sleeping most of yesterday just out of feeling exhausted and in more arm pain from all the movement and messing with all the blisters. I really do look a horror with all the blood blisters everywhere.

I kept my eyes closed through most of the doctor visit since they were doing so much to me and I really don't like seeing all that stuff on myself.  I did see that my stomach is looking pretty good even with all the swelling I can see it's tighter.  I also realized that the doctor must have made the decision to give me a second butt lift during the surgery because it looks like I've been cut all along the back side incision again and my butt is flat again.  It had fallen a lot after the body lift last time so I guess he wanted to try to fix it more to help my saddle bag problem too.  I still haven't gotten a good look at my saddle bags but I'm hoping they are smaller and looking better too after the lipo to them.  I can just tell the doctor really did do his best to give me as much as he could knowing this would be my last surgery.  I really can tell he wants me to turn out as best as he can give me.

We did discuss the reason for all this swelling and he said it's a balancing act and believes its because he tried to go as tight as he could with my arms.  He said he could have went looser and probably not had all this but he didn't think I would have been as happy with the results.  I am glad he went tighter but it really is proving to be a tough tough recovery for me.  I keep just telling myself one more week and I will be so much better.  but I must admit the left arm/hand doesn't seem to be going down in swelling at all.  If anything since the drains are gone it's been worse.  I actually now have 3 ace bandages on it on top of the compression garment.  It does make me scared but I know I just need to keep drinking plenty of fluids and keep praying about it and resting and just doing what the doctor says to get better.

It's also making me realize that I might not be in shape to make the trip to Illinois to see Kevin graduate boot camp which I must admit breaks my heart thinking about.  But I told Mike if I'm just not able I know Kevin would understand and Mike will just fly out there for the graduation on his own at least.  It sounds from Kevin's letters that we won't get to see him but a few hours after graduation anyway before he heads off to school so Mike could fly there on Thursday and fly back home Saturday.  I'm not going to make definite arrangements for at least another week or two so I can give myself as much time as I can to see where I am with recovery. But the thought of a 28 hour round trip car ride in a weekend just doesn't seem like something I should be doing so close from surgery. I feel really bad I'm not as well as I had hoped I'd be by now but it's just slower going this time around. I know though Kevin will be disappointed he will understand and as long as at least one of us will be there he will be thankful.

The kids have pointed out that I'm getting up and around better on my own so I guess that's something.  I still can't go #2 on my own lol I know yucky talk but the truth.  That's my next milestone to accomplish that I'm sure Mike will be grateful for lol.  He really is a saint to go through all he has for me with this.  Thank goodness for the kids too.  They keep their patience with me even when I get irritable with them.  I keep telling them it isn't them just me being frustrated I can't do things for myself but they do whatever I ask without complaint and keep telling me not to worry that they don't mind.  I am so so blessed to have such a loving family.

 Dana called me again to check on me, she's so good to me.  Thanks Dana I really appreciate that and hearing your voice just cheers me up.  I'm so thankful for all my blogger friends.  I've so very much appreciated your comments too.  Without being able to type much most of my blogging has been from the itouch these days and so one finger typing doesn't get me very far so I haven't been able to do much commenting myself.  I just can't wait till I'm back to being able to write again. I did spend time tonight reading blogs and catching up with several of you.  I get to missing you all if I don't read every few days.

Well the left arm is wearing out here so I better get it back elevated.  Hope everyone is doing ok.  I'll check back in a few days.  Have another doctors appt on Tuesday so I'm crossing my fingers I'm way improved by then.

Till next time...
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