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Do you want to get away from living small?

Posted Jan 27 2009 7:06pm
Our Pastor has been doing a series called ‘Live BIG!’. This past Sunday was “ ’Live Big’ Isn’t Playing it Safe ” ( listen or view ), and what he shared in context to our spiritual life sparked a huge ‘Ah-hah!’ moment for me. Though glad to have those moments, sometimes the timing is not good. It’s taken me three days to get back to those thoughts.

In the weight loss journey, to be victorious, we need to move beyond where we are now and get away from those ways we’re familiar with. Our old ways might seem safe and familiar, but they’re precisely the ‘stop’ in our change and success. You can’t keep your old ‘fat’ ways and have your thin self too. Of course, this is something we know – successful weight loss is a lifestyle change. So why is it the success hill is so slippery that we slide back into old habits?

My thought? We backslide because it’s familiar - familiar equals easy and comfortable. Even if it’s not good for us we cling to what’s familiar. Coming from an abusive past, I understand this all too well. Before breaking free, people would ask how I could stay, or why I’d go back to where life could be hell. Before all else, I did because I loved too much, and because that place was familiar to me. I knew what I was dealing with. It’s like being in a room with a closed door. The four walls create familiar boundaries; every inch of the space is known and there is no chance of ‘unknown’ rearing it’s ugly head. Stepping outside that door into the expanse of the world (with no boundaries) is scary as hell! What I knew wasn’t as scary as what I didn’t know.

The question is about your past ways - eating all wrong, not exercising, and not believing in yourself - what about those do you want to go back to when success is right in front of you? It may seem small right now, yet like a dot on the horizon, as it gets closer it will turn into something big! Those past ways may seem safe, familiar – easy - but they really aren’t. After all, take the past few days, I’ve done some backsliding into old habits, eaten processed and fatty foods ( junk for the trunk ), and I have to tell you, there’s no way I want those old ways back. Those foods served as a reminder for me. Though I’m sore from doing snow shovel lifts, there is other pain that has nothing to do with the exercise. Food additives and me are definitely not friends. In fact we aren’t even acquaintances. They are the rudest bunch of things! They invade and torture this body like little bullies, causing joint pains and excess water, which turn me into Lady Puffiness with squished up eyes.

So, why did I do it? Why did I eat those crappy foods that hate me so much? First, it was easy, convenient, and second, the brain suffered a temporary memory lapse so I didn’t even think about the consequences. Isn’t that always the way?

Did I expect weight loss to be easy? How could I ever expect ‘thinner’ without some kind of fight? Backing away from the hard stuff in life is exactly why I’m super-morbidly obese in the first place. Because of my ignorance and tendency to avoid things, getting big was easy. If the ‘ easy way ’ got me to where I am now, then doesn’t it stand to reason getting out of it will be the polar opposite? There will be no healthy success without a fight!

Our Pastor stated, “ When you choose what you HOPE for, you lose what could have been.” Though he spoke of our spiritual walk with God, which is HOPE we need, something else also occurred to me regarding weight loss. I could choose what I hope for – thinner and healthier – and lose what could have been – super-morbid obesity, heart disease, diabetes, constant pain and discomfort… you get the idea. If we play it safe, in comfortable and familiar, we live small within the confines of that room I mentioned above, but I want to LIVE big in a smaller body!

In some cases we rebel against needed changes. Consider this though - rebellion is fear. It is refusing to believe I can succeed, and it is once again settling for safe and easy. Here’s some ‘ food ’ for thought:

Obstacles you overcome by faith WILL break your addiction to BIG self.”

The question is, what are you going to fix your eyes on, the success of your weight loss or what is familiar and safe to you?

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