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Do you use Artificial Sweeteners?

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:43pm

Question of the week Time for another Question of the Week. For this one, I’m responding to the discussion that got started on 6 On the Go Snacks I Can't Live Without . The comments got me thinking how much artificial sweeteners I use and with the latest news maybe it’s something we should all assess.

If I really think about my intake, besides my daily light yogurt I really don’t use much. I don’t drink diet soda, I don’t drink coffee sweetened with anything and when I bake I try to stick with honey, molasses or other natural sweeteners.

As with everything I believe in moderation. I don’t want to be depended on anything and I don’t want put a lot of junk in my body, However, if I have a sugar free cookie or a diet soda now and then for a treat I don’t think it’s the end of the world.

How about you? How much Artificial Sweetener do you use? Do you make an effort to avoid it or seek it out as a high calorie substitute?

I also have a quick side question, only because I need to know if I’m the only big sap. Does anyone else cry watching American Idol? LOL Seriously, when they are good and make it through, I’m so happy for them I get a tear. I’m such a freak.

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