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Do You Try to Forget The Times When You Were Unable to Lose Weight

Posted Jun 13 2012 5:00am

Now you’re at it again. Another diet, a different diet this time. Not the same old diet that caused you so much trouble. The newest diet will wipe away those awful memories of your last weight-loss failure.

In one way, it’s good to put your failures behind you. Today is a new day sort of thing. It usually takes a number of tries anyway before you get something like sticking to a diet right.

But like in most things, there is more than one side to wiping away failure experiences. Your emotions, even the bad ones, are what you depend on to prepare your mind and body to react to the relevant details of what you’re trying to accomplish. They guide you to make the kinds of adjustments that lead to successful dieting.

So intentional forgetting is only helpful to a point.


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