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Do You Know Your Motivation for Losing Weight?

Posted Apr 22 2013 5:00am

What made you want to lose weight? Do you know? Was it something clear and obvious like your doctor said you needed to lose weight and that got you thinking, and then you started? Was it a look in the mirror? Was it for health reasons? Do you keep some type of formal or informal schedule for trying to shed those extra pounds? In other words, do you try dieting once or twice each year, and you’ve made this part of who you are? You might even, and don’t say no to this idea before you think about it, always be dieting or on some weight-loss regimen. In other words, the norm for you is that you are continuously trying to reduce your weight. Thus, for you the question is not “What made you want to lose weight”. The question should be “What made you stop wanting to lose weight.”

There is still at least one more possible answer to “What made you want to lose weight”, and women seem to be more prone to it than men: It remains a mystery.

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