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Do you know any arm workouts i could use that doesn't involve weights?

Posted by Nikita S.

I need help. my arms are massive and i really want to change that. i dont have a gym membership, and im not planning on getting one. I also dont have money to buys weights. does anyone have any ideas about what kind of excercises i can use for my arms. thanks!!
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You can use household stuff as weights, like canned goods, water bottles, milk jugs. If you fill a one gallon jug with water it is about 8 pounds. Just look for heavy stuff you already have aroun the house :)
Stuff around the house will work. I use soup cans when I need something real light and they do the trick.

Hi Nikita, you could try pushups and chair dips. The other thing you can use for weights is water bottles, start off small. Hope this helps a little. Patty

Push ups and chair dips are really the best. If you can't do a regular pushup start out doing them standing upright and doing them against a wall or a even a sturdy table. You can work up to the on the floor kind. Remember form over reps.

Check out this helpful WellMix 360 page: Workout Without Weights

Also, there are a lot of circuit training exercises you can do at home. Check out this helpful video to give you an idea.

I just heard of a woman who was curling half filled grocery bags yesterday to work her arms.

Also, there are packs of resistance bands that are popping up everywhere (Target, Wal-Mart, etc...) that are 3 for $10.00 (roughly). There are so many hundreds of ways to work your arms with those. Everything from bicep curls to tricep work. Even if you have to save penny by penny for them (and I've been there and understand that...) it will be well worth the money you saved up!

Hope it all goes well for you Nikita.

Butterflys! That;s where you simply raise and hold you arms straight out for 30 sec-1 min. You can feel the burn!

I do push-ups where I lean against a wall or on some stairs. Again you can feel the burn but they are not as hard on you as reall push-ups.

Sometimes if I can find a bar that's low enough/clear enough I do semi pull-ups too. The bar needs to be about shoulder hight. You just gram it, lean back, and then use your arms to pull yourself all the way up.

There are toms more. These are just starter exercises too, but for me right now, that's all I can manage to slip in.

Hope that helps!

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