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Do You Have Night Eating Syndrome? Check Yourself On This List of Symptoms.

Posted Oct 14 2012 6:30am

1. Do you eat at least 25% of you daily calorie intake after dinner?
2. Do you wake during the night at least twice a week and eat?

If you do either one of the first two things and you’re aware of what you’re doing, you might very well have night eating syndrome.

To go a little further: Check to see if you also do at least 3 of the following as well.

3. Skip your morning meal
4. Have a strong desire to eat between dinner and the time you go to sleep
5. Have insomnia (trouble falling asleep and/or trouble staying asleep)
6. A belief that you must eat in order to get to sleep
7. Depressed mood or a let down in mood in the evening or night.

If you answered “yes” to either number 1 or 2 and “yes” to at least 3 of the items from 3 through 7, see if all of the following items apply to you too. If they do, then it’s most likely you have night eating syndrome.

8. As a result of your night eating, are you in distress or is your functioning impaired?
9. Have these symptoms been present for at least 3 months?
10. Symptoms 1 through 7 are not caused by another medical or psychological disorder.

Night Eating Syndrome can be dealt with successfully by using self-help approaches or with psychotherapy .

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