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Do You Have Measurable Objectives?

Posted May 25 2009 10:16pm

Question of the week One of the things I learned while studying Instructional Design was how to write clear learning objectives. It’s the first step in lesson planning and some would say the most important. Good instructional objectives describe a measurable outcome that can be observed and preformed by the student. In a nutshell the objective should answer this simple question… What will the student be able to do after performing these tasks and to what level of accuracy?

Shouldn’t our weight loss goals be the same?

For me, most of my weight issues came from a piss poor body image. I thought I was fat because I didn’t look like a model in a magazine or my super skinny friends. I started dieting to reach an unmeasurable goal of "being skinny" or "having the perfect body." How many have you said it? "I just want to be thin!!"

What is ‘thin’? Is there a specific weight in which you will feel you are ‘thin.’? How do you measure ‘thin.’?

For 15 years I set a goal of being "thin" and it never worked for me. I didn’t have a clear objective. I started my lesson plan all wrong.

It wasn’t until I defined a different set of goals that success was not only measurable but attainable. For example, when I started going to Weight Watchers in June 2005 I didn’t focus on getting "thin" my focus, my objective was to lose 10% of my body weight by counting points.

Simple. Clear. Measurable.

I tried real hard not to think about my size or getting thin. The only thing I focused on was meeting my objective. In retrospect it makes total sense but I must admit, hindsight is 20/20. ;~)

So what say you? Do you have unrealistic goals or are your objectives measurable?

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