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Do You Have a Strategy for Weight Loss Failure

Posted Sep 05 2013 7:50am

There are many times during the weight loss process when you will not know whether you will succeed or fail. You hope, of course, you will succeed. But you never can tell what will happen. Even if you have the sunniest of dispositions and are optimistic to a fault, you will certainly run up against situations where you will fail, especially when you are trying to do something hard  like lose your unwanted weight. You might fail to keep to your promise. You could fail to live up to your expectations. There are lots of opportunities for failure to strike and take its toll on you.

Failure is not simply failing. There are consequences to failing. The consequences of failing can be small and circumscribed or they can be large and wide-ranging. A little failure at a critical time can cause a ripple effect that ends in destroying some of your weight loss motivation. Larger failures may lead to giving up your weight loss routine altogether.

One way you can protect against the ramifications of failing is to set low expectations for yourself. In other words, you purposefully don’t expect that you will do well, and if you don’t do well, then no great harm will come from it because that’s what you expected would happen. This works too if you set no expectations for yourself in various weight loss activities. With no expectations for yourself, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Remember, as you go through the process of weight loss, there will be lots of opportunities for failure as well as success. To protect yourself against the consequences of failure, you will have to adopt some type of defense that will allow you to fail and still keep at the weight loss process with your head held at least reasonably high.


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