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Do You Count Calories, Fat or Weigh Your Food?

Posted Aug 24 2010 7:36pm

Question of the weekHey.. look.. It’s a Question of the Week! I miss these. There will be more now.. I promise. :)

Anyway I had quick conversation with Dinneen aka eatwithoutguilt tonight on twitter that got me thinking.

She tweeted…

If you count calories, fat grams, or weight your food — you do NOT have a healthy relationship w/food. Sorry to tell you that..

my response…

Not sure I agree.. RT @EatWithoutGuilt: If u count calories, fat or weight your food — u do NOT have a healthy relationship w/food

@EatWithoutGuilt If u overeat & binge u don’t have a hlthy relationship either. There is a middle ground, being aware is a huge part of that

Her Response…

@RoniNoone Counting calories can help in beginning…but not sustainable. No way. Not over long run. And who wants to?

@RoniNoone And overeating & bingeing are def not healthy relationship w/food. I totally get that. It’s about balance :)


@EatWithoutGuilt Agree.. but there has to be a balance. Everyone is in a different place. We need 2 educate not make people feel ashamed

Please excuse the "twitter talk" we do only have a 140 characters to get our points across but I think you get the gist.

As someone who’s been on both sides of the fence with food her tweet struck a cord with me. Probably because I am a food weigher and I feel I have a very healthy relationship with food. A much healthier one then when I was bingeing on entire stuffed crust pizzas and sneaking little Debbie snack cakes.

I don’t obsessively weigh. I don’t bring my scale to restaurants. I don’t even weight for every meal. But I use my kitchen scale as a tool to educate me on portion sizes. When I try a new cereal, I like to see what a serving looks like. When I want cheese (a trigger food for me) I weight out a serving as to not go overboard. I also use the scale a lot when measuring ingredients for GreenLiteBites .

Again, maybe I’m biased but I think you can have a healthy relationship with food if you count calories or use a food scale. I agree with Dinneen that you aren’t going to want to do it forever but you may very well be at a point in your journey where you are learning or even gathering information on you eating habits. And I think using a scale for measuring or counting points/calories/fat/etc for accountability is very helpful.

I’m sure others disagree.


Do You Count Calories, Fat or Weigh Your Food?

How do you "weigh in" on this issue?

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