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Do Tomatoes Make You Feel Full and Aid Weight Loss?

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:00pm

2962762666_93a2027078 I don’t know about you but at one particular time, when I was changing my eating habits to more healthier ones. I started eating more tomatoes, as I do quite enjoy them. The great thing about tomatoes is what you get is what you get.

They contain no additives or preservatives, but may have residue pesticides on them so it’s a good idea to wash them before consuming them. Another benefit of tomatoes is they have water in them. Which adds to the full effect.

It’s come to light that eating this particular fruit can make you feel saited so you are far less likely to eat more food, which will help in your quest for weight loss.

From what has been learned about tomatoes they contain something that works with appetite hormones within our bodies, this information became known with research based around other ingredients in bread with tomatoes.

Some people on a study were monitored, between the ages of 18 and 35 years of age, they were offered some sandwiches, which contained the following ingredients, cream cheese sandwiches, and the bread had tomatoes added within them. As well as bread with carrots added to them, the researchers assumed that the fibre within the carrots would keep people fuller longer.

But instead what happened was the tomatoes kept the study subjects fuller for longer, the people involved with the study were given sandwiches at random intervals so the data was more concise that they got back.

Here are some health benefits of tomatoes;

  • Tomatoes can help with liver detox, and can protect it from cirrhosis, which is liver disease
  • Tomatoes can be very good for your blood
  • They contain a high amount of something called lypocene which is a powerful antioxidant which will prevent cell damage
  • One of the ingredients of tomatoes can help with cholesterol and the lowering of it

So it looks like it’s thumbs up for tomatoes.


Post from: Weight Loss Blog (Lose That Tyre)

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