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Do This….Not That To Get Great 3 Minute Legs

Posted Jan 11 2010 5:36am
I don’t watch a whole lot of TV and when I do it’s usually a program that I record on the DVR (then you can FF through the 10,000 commercials). I’m also very selective with what I watch. Never watch the news, doesn’t matter what network because it just doesn’t make me feel good and I try very hard to only spend my time on things that are positive and educational. So last Friday night I was watching The Ellen show from 1/6/10. What a stitch she is. I especially love when she features workout gadgets. Well she out did herself this time with "3 Minute Legs". I was rolling on the floor and then I really lost it when she added "The Shake Weight" Seriously….Who wouldn’t want great legs in 3 minutes? But this thing is ridiculous. The clip below will not only make you laugh, but it’ll also show you that you could spend your 3 minutes much wiser by doing the little “Beyonce’s Trainer” Workout instead. It’s a whole lot cheaper too $0.00 (that gizmo is $99.95 plus shipping)
Don't Do This!!

Do This Instead

Also, check out this excerpt (in purple) from their internet site  along with some my suggestions in green that won’t cost you a dime.
Why spend hours at the gym, or thousands of dollars on machines that don't even target your problem areas? They’re right here, you don’t need to go to the gym, but you also DON’T need to spend a hundred bucks on their gizmo either.
Compact Your own body is compact too and much more portable.
• Portable
See above
• Steel Frame
None needed
• Comfortable contoured seat
There’s nothing more comfortable than your own BUTT
• Holds up to 275 pounds
You can hold just the appropriate weight YOUR OWN BODY
• Glides smoothly on all surfaces
Never have seen a more all terrain vehicle than the human body
Won't scratch floors Gym shoes don’t scratch floors either.
• Adjusts to your height and your fitness level 
Built in features specific to each individual.
So be the judge for yourself. Try out the FREE workout first and see how you feel. You’ll not only develop great legs, but a more toned whole body too!
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