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Do not step on the scale, do not step on the scale,

Posted Sep 12 2008 12:12pm
do not step on the scale.....

As you can see I'm trying to avoid the scale. I feel like I've lost a little more weight but I don't want to step on the scale to see it up. If I do that it will bum me out and since Sundays are not my best eating days, I want to wait till Monday to face the scale.

Most of my t-shirts are men's. That's what they give out at races, that's what most stores sell, so that's mostly what I have; men's t-shirts. I purchased a junior t-shirt that's red with turtles because every Friday I wear red in support of the troops. I also have some white collared polo shirts that I have to wear when I work for Nutro that were juniors. Both these shirts were a little tight. They felt stretched across the upper back (obviously I am developing massive muscles from all my training :) And finally I have a pair of black shorts that I wear when I work Nutro that have never fit me right. The waist fits but they feel too tight around the hips. I really hate them but they are the right length and for 4 hours they are okay.

So Friday I put the red shirt on and it fit and did not feel stretched, woo nice!! Yesterday I put the shorts on and they were loose, woo hoo!!! Then I put the shirt on and it was not tight at all, yeehaa!!!! By the time my 4 hour shift was over my shorts were slipping down to my hips. That had never happened in these particular shorts. This was a huge success. I have no doubt my weight is down but I just can't look until tomorrow. I have to be strong!!!

In other news. My back, butt, and hips are giving me such problems I've come to a few decisions. First off, I'm going to reduce my computer time. I think sitting in this chair is a large part of the problem. Working out regularly helps a lot, but I think not sitting on my as* so much would help more. Second, I've started Core Performance again. When I did that regularly it helped keep me flexible and build core strength, so I'm back to it. I had tried to do yoga but for that I need to use a DVD, I just don't know the moves well enough to do it on my own. With this book I can do the moves while I watch TV. Also, they have some really functional moves that I like and that provide stretching to multiple muscle groups. So I'm doing that at night before bed.

Okay, I guess that's all I've got this morning. I have to go workout then get my chores done :) It's almost 7 a.m. I slept in a little this morning so I need to get moving. Hope everyone has a good Sunday.
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