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Do NOT Lose Weight - you never will.....that way

Posted Jul 12 2009 6:42am


You mean to say you're writing on the Weight Loss blog and telling us NOT to lose weight?



If you lose weight you are on a hiding to nothing. You will make all the weight loss diet planners very happy. You will surf your way through many a "lose weight now" option and sadden yourself to see the pounds creep back on again.

angry at weight Made you depressed/angry/ dismissive of my proposition, yet?

Well then even if you are thinking of steaming at me let me hasten to explain, dear friends.

I along with millions of us would love to see a satisfyingly shaped community of beautiful folk all content with their perfect size.

However there is one thing that keeps rearing its ugly head and preventing that.

People wanting to lose weight, yes, lose weight.

Let me ask you a question and no, before you ask it is not a trick question.

What happpens when you lose something. Is the first thing you do or say - hurrah! I have lost  this key, I have lost my wallet, lost this or that?

Of course not - the first thing you do is try and find it, right?

So imagine when you start to lose weight there is always a part of you that is secretly looking for it and wanting to re-instate it. Loss is, even where weight is concerned, a grieving, something missed. Now I can hear you cry - not where weight is concerned. Sure on the surface the fight is on to lose weight but there is always that part that wants it back..... it is the nature of loss.

I know that might sound incredible and even unbelievable. However we are, if nothing else, creatures of habitual patterning. Until we change that patterning we will always be creating for ourselves a hidden agenda of breaking the diet, the weight loss program or whatever.

How many times do we do this?

Ask yourself why you break the diet.

It is that part of you that is set on  reinstating the old way.

Sure you can blame the cream buns, the chocs or your favourite food. But truth be known the underlying thought pattens have not been addressed.
weight loss round the waist

So do not lose weight - integrate your body mass into its ideal perfect body weight you really are. Even if you do not know what that is, one thing you can be sure of is that it is not a sizze zero or what the mags suggest that you become. However that is for another article.

Do you see what is happening here? You are positioning your mental outlook to integration. Integration allows for natural pruning and waste disposal. It challenges retention by ordering it into a new form, where waste is shed and purposeful tone, mass and body is turned into performing quality.

Now some of you may say - Whoa! - this is getting spooky. No friends, it is getting into the Mind Zone.

It is the Mind Zone that will be doing all the work with you. So do not dismiss this most important aspect. This is to become your greatest ally.

Imagine that if you had the very tool within you that could bring the results that you have always wanted, would you throw it out with the bath water?

Just because you do not at this stage understand your mind on that level yet, it does in no way mean that you cannot. In fact the opposite.

Remember that all your habits, all your patterns of behaviour  are programs that you have allowed to be run on soemtimes a continuous basis. When something is repeated and repeated (remember school..repetition repetition) well it locks in to become habit.

Changes here are the first step to changing shape.

So bottom line is change your mind and you change yourself....Watch out for the follow up on this under Mind Zone in the Mind Body section.

Meanwhile to help you on the way to reshaping into your beautiful template waiting to reveal itself, let us address the small topic of cravings.

Yes, friends cravings are the killers of dieting and weight loss programs. They are the little nagging ghouls that tempt us back into our desires and yearnings that usually are the mainstay of weight gain.


Would you not like to put an end to those cravings?

The mighty Adaptogens do precisely that. In the form of a spray delivery and thirty day supply wrapped in a carry-in-your-bag tube, they can be controlled for good.

Support your weight loss program and help reduce hunger

The rapid-release delivery system in Tunguska Mist Slim helps to quickly control cravings. However, unlike many appetite suppressants, Slim won’t make you feel nervous or jittery.

This unique nutritional blend helps to enhance the body's response to stress while controlling the cravings that keep you from achieving your goals.

This alone will retain your determination to success in your efforts to live your best weight.

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  YogiJon, is a Health and Wellness expert who has been teaching and promoting health solutions and better living through yoga body mind techniques for over 22 years.  If you wish to find out more about helping others help themselves contact YogiJon for more details.

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