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Do Diet Books and Weight Loss Diets Fail You?

Posted May 31 2010 2:00am

If you search Amazon for diet books, there are 50,608 answers that come up. If you Google diets, more than 70 pages pop up.  So, why are there so many people still with weight problems? It doesn’t seem possible.

With so many diets and diet books out there, shouldn’t the problem of being overweight or obese be gone by now? And what about the untold number of diet foods and diet clubs and diet pills and weight-loss organizations and support groups out there? Why haven’t they proved to be the answer?

This deserves a lot of consideration. At Maria’s Last Diet we are sure that the reason these things haven’t worked for the most part is because losing the weight is more psychological than anything else. Therefore, the food side of things is only a part of the issue—and not the most important part.

How many books have you bought, groups have you joined, diets have you tried, special diet foods have you eaten? If you’re like most women who have weight problems, you’ve tried not one, but several of these methods. If you are still struggling with your eating and your weight, then why not consider the deeper, more personal, more meaningful side of the issue?

What have you got to lose?

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