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Posted Nov 04 2010 12:00am

Ok, let's get something straight right away:  I KNOW that in these photos, I'm working an 80s angle that I'm entirely too old for.  But here's the thing:  in high school, I was a total band geek with absolutely zero fashion sense, and less than zero plus size trendy clothing options.  So forgive me if I re-live my teenage years just a bit.  Maybe you'll forgive me more after looking at this:

Right?  I'm sayin.  Granted, this photo was taken my senior year of high school in December of 1990.  I think you can trust me when I said this was the fashion culmination of my high school existence....this is what BETTER was for me after four years of trying.  I think the puffy paints are a nice touch, though.  Nothing says "please kick my ass" like a giant G Clef on your sweatshirt!

Now let's fast forward to present-day me, all happy in my new present-day body.  So what is fashion like for me now?  HELLA AWESOME.  And I'm telling you right now, if I had this bod and these gorgeous pieces from MESSES OF DRESSES back in the day, I'd still be a band geek, but I'd also be an A-Lister Fashionista!

Divi at Messes of Dresses sent me these gorgeous pieces to try and review:

MESSES OF DRESSES 001 Zipp ered Ruched Tunic by Aryn K.

Item Id: 0450
Material: Details: Acrylic/Nylon Blend

When I pulled this one of out the package,  my initial thought was, "how the hell do I wear this?"  Let's be honest:  my fashion sense is slightly better than it was inhigh school, but I still rely heavily on other advice and styling magazines to help me decipher what actually looks fashionable.  Cue the website !

Styling Tips: Pair with legging and combat boots

NICE!  Tips for styling right there on the website!  It's like Fashion For Dummies, which is 100% completely me.  I love the site even more for helping me out there.

I don't own combat boots, but I own leopard print tights, which could also be considered a legging of sort.  I'm kind of loving what I put together here, but most definitely love the super-soft and forgiving fabric and easy zipper from top to bottom.  

The material is really flattering too.  For a girl like me who's got a paunchy middle section just like a marsupial, this covered everything!


Now let's talk 80s, shall we?  

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