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Posted Nov 09 2010 12:00am

My love of Kim and her website Desire4Mo is well-known, but I feel like it's worth writing about again.  Kim/D4M  has outfitted so many events in my life now, that I almost feel like she's part of my family.   Ok, well part of my wacky online family, but still.  

She's a working mom who started a business to make a better life for her family, and I think her stuff is totally rockin'. Take a look at all the cool items she's hooked me (and mine)  up with, and I'll provide links to all the items in case you want them for your own:

Sherri Cola Costume  in my new promo photos!

I have a love of all things retro/vintage/50s and I was so, so, so excited to wear this in my new promo photos.  It's totally kitchy and ridiculous, and totally me.  I wanted something fun to wear, and Kim was happy to provide it.  The costume itself is really comfortable and flattering and completely adorable for any sock-hop type of party.  

And speaking of 50's:



Saddle Shoes !

I had found this costume in a thrift store over the summer for $6, and  I really wanted to wear it to one of my Halloween parties.  I didn't have any saddle shoes, but I knew who would: .  And let me tell you, they were COMFY!  I was out with 6 other girls that evening walking around Harvard Square, and I was the ONLY one who was in comfortable footwear.  Score one for my tootsies!

I was even able to find the perfect adorable costume for my stepdaughter on Halloween:


Britt's Sailor Cutie Costume

Now granted, if you saw the model wearing this on the website, you probably wouldn't immediately think, "this is perfect for a 12 yr old!" But considering Britt's height vs. the model, and how easy it is to style something down, I had a feeling this would be adorable - and I was right.

We put little freckles all over her face, and I was just waiting for her to break out into some Shirley Temple songs.  (Although I'm pretty sure she doesn't even know who that is.  Sigh.)

For a gal like me who is celebrating a new phase and new image in my life, has so many options to help me feel purty.  Here are a few of the other items I've gotten from Kim that I absolutely love:


Mesh Mini Jacket - A WLS Post-Op's Dream Come True!

This was a HUGE hit when I reviewed it on YouTube  (review of this starts at 2:44).  What I love about this mesh jacket:  1) it totally conceals that batwings  2) it can convert any sexy dress into something a little more wearable 3) at $18, it's totally affordable and absolutely a great investment for your wardrobe.

And don't tell me you don't LOVE THIS HOTNESS:


I wear these to the grocery store.  Ok, no I don't, but I would if I didn't think I get looks.  I love, love, love these sexy shoes!  In fact, I just booked a Burlesque show for February, and these will DEFINITELY be included int he show.  How could they NOT be?!

I'm a big fan of supporting small business, especially when it's a working mom taking care of her family.  And even more so when that small business offers hot, hot items.   Desire4Mo is your one-stop-shop for all things girly and sexy:  dresses, clothing, swimsuits, costumes, shoes, accessories, and more.  

Kim also offers a 10% discount using the code  "DIVAT", so go and get your shop on and tell Kim I said hello!

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