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Discover Why The 3 Day Detox Diet Is Your Only Detox Solution

Posted Dec 06 2010 4:47pm

Dear Frustrated Dieter,

Most of us know there’s a few truths that rarely get told when it comes to dieting.

You probably know what I’m talking about:

  • Such as there’s no such thing as a quick fix
  • Diet pills, diet shakes and other magic potions just don’t work
  • And detox diets simply aren’t safe and don’t work in the long run

Now, fortunately the rules of dieting have undergone a remarkable change.

Only 2 of the 3 statements are now still true.

All because I’ve stumbled on a way to make a detox diet actually become a safe answer to help cleanse your body of the toxins that pollute it after a big weekend of over indulging.

tapemeasure%20thumbs%20up Discover Why The 3 Day Detox Diet Is Your Only Detox Solution

This 3 Day Detox Diet Gets The User Friendly Thumbs Up

But here’s the really good part because I’ll show you how you can make your detox diet be a regular and sustainable part of your normal healthy eating plan whenever you need a quick tune up – without doing you any damage.

  • You’ll never have to drink any foul tasting syrup that is made up of sugars and artificial sweeteners
  • And best yet, you’ll only have to follow this for 3 days and then revert back to your normal eat healthy routine.

Would you be interested?

I’m guessing your answer is yes!

Well, here’s what is going to make any detox diet the breakthrough success that you’re looking for:

  • It has to be really easy to implement
  • There has to be recipes to follow that don’t take 30 minutes to prepare or require you to have a masters degree in food
  • There has to be a shopping list with the foods you need to buy
  • There has to be a workout component to follow with video demonstrations
  • And most importantly, there has to be a way to get inside your head and help you stop beating yourself up because of a simple weekend blowout

And you will be happily surprised when you discover this 3 Day Detox Diet covers all of those bases and more.

If you follow these simple and easy to follow steps mastering the detox doesn’t have to be a mystery anymore.

And because I want to help as many people as possible I’ve decided to make this 3 Day Detox Diet available for a really low $27AUD.

Better yet, I’m even going to give you a 30 day money back guarantee – so if you’re not happy with your results that you will experience then I don’t want your money.


6 Big Wow Factors That You’ll Soon Discover In This 3 Day Detox Diet

1. How to safely detox from your massive weekend

2. How you can still have your daily coffee fix

3. What meals you need to eat (exact meal plan included)

4. What you don’t need to buy (some of these things may surprise you

5. The exact bodyweight workout plan to follow

6. My closely guarded secrets that will get inside your head and on top of your self defeating thoughts once and for all

If you’re ready to draw the line in the sand once and for all and say enough is enough then you should realise that this type of opportunity doesn’t come around very often.

If you are ready to draw your own personal line in the sand, click on the button below, where you can order safely through paypal for only $27 AUD, and download your copy instantly.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side all rejuvinated!

Your fat fighting and detox myth busting friend,

my%20signature Discover Why The 3 Day Detox Diet Is Your Only Detox Solution

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