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Diets Fail, Weight-Loss Programs Fail, You Cannot Lose Weight. What’s Up?

Posted May 25 2012 5:00am

The reason so many women fail to lose unwanted weight is because they are relying too much on the diet or the weight-loss program to do the heavy lifting. The issues involved in losing excess weight are broader than what diets offer. It is never just about the food. The food is only part of the process. The woman who wants to shed those extra pounds must also change certain patterns of behavior so she doesn’t have to fight against herself when she’s trying to reduce her weight.

Adherence to a diet or to some type of weight-loss regimen is perhaps the most problematic aspect for people wanting to lose weight. Sticking to a weight-loss regimen requires you to stay motivated and committed, do what the diet or weight-loss regimen calls for, and do it repeatedly and continuously until your reach your goal weight.

Losing unwanted weight also requires that you alter well-established habits that contributed to and caused you to rely on a weight-gaining and weight-maintaining pattern of eating. Psychological research shows that breaking bad habits calls for a process of personal change. In this regard, the process of weight loss is more psychological than it is physical. Adherence, then, is not only sticking to your food plan, it is sticking to what will make you change as well.

Using psychology to lose weight, gives you the right mindset to add in the adherence and personal change factors to the weight-loss process.


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