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Diets are diets. Emotions are emotions. Habits are habits.

Posted Jul 05 2010 2:00am

by Maria's Last Diet

When you’ve already lost the weight, the diet no longer matters. Emotions and habits do matter. They are the problems you are left with if you haven’t found a good way to deal with them. Once you reach your goal weight, you are no longer on a weight-loss diet. So, even though a weight-loss diet plan helped you get there, what will help you stay there?

Staying there is the true test of weight-loss success. Any woman who has lost weight and gained it back knows this, if she is to be honest with herself. The initial thrill of losing the weight soon wears off. If you gain it all back, or even most of it, you will surely experience heartbreak, and even a loss of self-esteem.

Staying there, maintaining a weight loss once you have achieved it, deserves your utmost attention. It is the phase that matters most. If you don’t develop good ways to manage this phase, you are doomed to eventual failure.

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