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Dieting Is Mostly Mental: Can I Change My Mind?

Posted Jun 23 2009 5:58pm

by Maria' s Last Diet

If you can' t seem to lose weight, but you really want to, maybe it' s time to "re-think".

How about taking a close look at 5 very strong beliefs and/or opinions you have about dieting and losing weight, and see if they stand up to scrutiny.

Maybe you think

   In order to lose weight, you must go on a strict weight-loss diet.
   I just don' t have any willpower.
   I want to go on a weight-loss plan, but I never have the time.
   Even if I lose, I' ll end up gaining weight back.
   Dieting is painful.

Whatever your personal beliefs are, mix it up a little. Ask questions about them, like, is this absolutely true? Is it true all the time? Can I change my mind? Have I ever proved this wrong? Can I start to think differently? Can I change this belief into something that will actually help me lose the weight? Must I just accept these ideas as rules, or can I start to "re-think" them, and come up with better ideas?

Re-think, re-organize your ideas, and re-sist the same old same old. It helps so much.

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