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Dieting Help When You Cannot Diet and You Are Unable to Lose Weight

Posted Sep 19 2011 6:59am

Priscilla: It's terrible, simply terrible what they've done to Betsy.

Without even knowing it, her family got rid of all the fattening food. Betsy came home from work yesterday and there was her dinner waiting for her. No one said a thing about the good diet food they had prepared. There were no serving dishes filled with food on the table. No serving dishes on the sideboard. People had just what they needed on their plates—and these weren't oversized portions by any means.

After dinner the twins did the cleanup while Betsy and Tom relaxed in the family room—Betsy still not the wiser. The reality hit not two hours later when Betsy went looking for a snack. There was nothing, absolutely no snack food she could find in the pantry. Gone were all those weet snacks: cookies, marshmallows, chocolate bits, sugar-coated cereal, Twizzlers, and gummy bears. Gone too were the tortilla chips, Betsy's favorite to wash down the sweets. The cupboard was bare.

A quick look in the refrigerator told the same story Only carrot and celery sticks freshly cut and left there by Tom or Aiden or Chloe, or all three of them. Drats!

That's the report I got from Helena. Betsy actually said drats.

I haven't spoken to Betsy yet, but the word on the street (Okay—the phone chain) is that Betsy is suffering terribly. She never thought her family would stoop to such nefarious deeds, use force, make her go cold turkey, be so depriving. She would never forgive them. How could she? After all, weren't they saying that she was too fat for her own good, and she wasn't doing anything about it?

My take on this is Betsy is Betsy, and she doesn't deserve to be put on a diet against her will. No one does. If she is OK with how she looks and feels, what's the difference? I know if my family ever did this to me, I wouldn't stand for it. Whatever weight I have to lose is my business and my business alone. I'll get to it in my own good time.

Joannie: Mom, dinner is ready.

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