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Dieting can kill. Warning to all

Posted Oct 01 2009 3:03pm 1 Comment

Warning to all.

Sometimes we all are desperate to lose weight . I was. In the year 2003-2004 I began taking an over the counter diet aid. After awhile I became real sick. I went to my doctor and she began to run test on my stomach. Two cyst showed up on my liver and I do not drink. I was given a nausua medication to feel better and was told my liver would be monitored. After awhile my blood pressure became out of control. I was sent to have my kidneys checked and was found to have 50% blockage to the left kidney and my kidney had gotten smaller. By 2005 again I was still trying this same diet aid because it sounded like the pill fo me. The 5th day back on this diet aid I double over in severe stomach pain. I was rushed to the hospital and was immediately taken in to surgery due to a severely flamed appendix. My appendix was removed. I was admitted to the hospital 5 times after my surgery from my appendix because I would swell severely. Today I see specialist because of my liver,kidneys and I still have nausau periods.All of us that are trying to lose weight, we start taking the easy way out. I have ask myself why did I not just do it the healthy way.Some diet aids can be very dangerous. Today in 2009 I have just learn that 4-5 years ago all these medical problems where cause by this perticular diet aid. We are human and sometimes or likely most of the time we trust products that are setting on the store shelves because we feel they would not be on the market if they were not safe. I would like all of you that are trying to lose weight to be very careful. I did not have a clue that my medical issue where brought on by this diet aid.. Keep dieting safe by doing it the healthy way.


[Please note: No diet aid has been mention}

[Doctors are not responsible for any diet aid product}


Your friend and keep dieting safe



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Thank you for informing everyone of your situation! Some people are not the same but is it worth taking the chance? I should hope not.

I,myself, suffered from Anorxia/bulmia for years, I grew up in a family of large individuals and vowed to never be like them. Yet at 100lbs I still saw myself as being them! OVERWEIGHT!!!!!

I recently admitted to my husband, before our marriage that I needed help. He has been so great, helping me to make sure that I eat right and he is constantly telling me how beautiful I am. That does alot to help!

I now weigh 115lbs and feel much better. We were married on New Years Eve 2008/2009 so I have gained alittle over 17lbs in 9 months that is big for me.

To all of you out there......Please listen to both sides of this- Robins and mine.

Dieting and not eatting healthy can take its toll on your body, mind and soul.

Thanks Robin for your my prayers always,


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