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Dietician today...

Posted Mar 09 2011 4:56pm

I am home sick from school and after 12 hours sleep I am feeling a little better, it maybe the sunshine as well.
So after my visit to the Dr and a conversation re my weight .. skin .. BMI.. body mass and shape .. he suggested I see a dietician and see if she can help me determine a more accurate goal weight for myself. As the Dr is of the thinking 77 kgs ( top of my BMI) is a bit low, as he thought I was about 80 when I went to see him haha, liked that comment I tell you.

SO I am off there later today.

Sean, Thank you for thinking of me and my family. My stepsister lives in Christchurh and my Dad's cousin and her children, they are all safe and well, but have a bit of damage and things to contend with, they are just learning to deal with it. Its the constant shaking that gets to them more I think. I have some good friends who live there as well and they are all ok too but the shaking is doing thier heads in a bit I think.

I will let you all know my " GAOL" weight as soon as I am given a number, if she says ohh no its about how you feel I might slap her :)

Todays post was written by me with the help of one furry Ginger cat called TANK!!
He does not like having his photo taken :)

Vic xox
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