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Diet With a Safe Weight Loss Drug?

Posted Dec 13 2008 10:08pm

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Do we really need to talk about a 'safer' obesity drug? Since when did any diet drug become 'safe'? For that matter, most drugs have dangerous side effects. This report comes from Science News--

Once hailed as a miracle weight-loss drug, Fen-phen was removed from the market more than a decade ago for inducing life-threatening side effects, including heart valve lesions. Scientists at UT Southwestern Medical Center are trying to understand how Fen-phen behaves in the brain in order to develop safer anti-obesity drugs with fewer side effects.

In a study appearing in the Nov. 25 issue of Neuron, the researchers define a circuit in the brain that explains the ways fenfluramine, a component of Fen-phen, suppresses appetite.

"Our findings provide evidence that the neural circuit we've proposed is sufficient for the neurotransmitter serotonin to regulate food intake and body weight, " said Dr. Joel Elmquist, professor of internal medicine and pharmacology at UT Southwestern and senior author of the study. "Fen-phen works directly on this pathway. Unfortunately, that drug also adversely affects peripheral tissue such as the heart."

Comment: The only real solution to obesity is behavorial changes. According to the Annals of Behavioral Medicine, modifying lifestyle habits is the key to lasting change with weight and overall health. ABH goes on to say that small simple changes can be more effective than any strict diet. The Vice Busting Diet Plan provides such an approach - one where you make one simple change at a time and work up to more difficult ones (which actually become easier because you're ready for them!). Stick to the basic actions for good health instead of dangerous diet drugs.

The Health & Wellness Institute

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