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Diet Tips for Women Who Don’t Want to Fall Off Their Diets

Posted Sep 23 2010 2:00am

There you are, clipping right along on your diet. It’s three weeks in and you’re doing well. Weight has been dropping off you—3 lbs the first week, 3 more the second, and 1 ½ lbs the third week. But then this week you ate off your diet. You didn’t only eat off your diet; you ATE, ate like there was no tomorrow. Once off, you dropped your diet completely. You loved going back to food, real food. But you hated yourself for doing it.

Could you have avoided going backwards? One way, in the early stages of dieting, is to avoid, avoid anything and everything that might throw you off your diet. This could include various places, people, and situations that create moods, tension, and thought patterns that lead you to overeat.

In the imaginary case cited above, the person might have gone off her diet because she got discouraged. Three pounds in each of the first two weeks, but only 1 ½ the week before she went off her diet. If this was the case, she might have avoided such a misstep by being better informed about the amount of weight she could expect to lose each week. Many women find they lose a lot of weight in the first week or two of dieting, but then in the next weeks there is a noticeable and potentially discouraging dip in how much they lose.

Another way to insure against slipping backward and off your diet is to plan ahead. Think about what could happen that would lead to going off your diet. Will it be your feelings? Could it happen when you are with certain people? Do you have any social engagements that might make it difficult to stay on your diet? Plan for these times. Making a plan ahead of time helps you to cope better when the time comes.

Finally: Going off your diet backwards into overeating again doesn’t just happen. There are always warning signs. Learn to read the warning signs. Make them so pronounced and so on your mind that they jump out at you. Insure against missing them. For a woman who gets discouraged when she doesn’t lose much in her third week of dieting, there most likely were warning signs. She could have been tired, feeling more depleted than usual. Family and work might have taken too much of a toll on her. These could have been her warning signs. They were warning her that she would have to do something about these feelings because what she used to do about such feelings, pre-dieting, was eat.

Going off a diet and plunging backwards into the old abyss is something all dieters want to avoid. Going off your diet does no good for weight loss; it does no good for self-esteem. To keep you and your diet safe and sound, remember to AVOID, BE INFORMED, PLAN AHEAD, and HEED THE WARNING SIGNS.


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